Stan Smith - places and spaces - Country church

Artist: Stan Smith - places and spaces
Materials: Gouache
Dimensions (cm): 51 x 76
Dimensions (inches): 20.1 x 29.9
Stock No: 0478
Price: £
Provenance: Estate of Stan Smith

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Genre: Architecture and buildings, Landscape


The development of this painting is the subject of a whole chapter in Stan Smith’s Oil Painting Workbook pages 114- 119. You could hardly get a better provenance!

The other secret we can let you into is that although this book is an instruction manual of how to paint with oils, Stan actually did most of the illustrations for it in acrylics, having left it rather too close to his deadline to a complete everything in oils, which demand rather more time. When it came to designing and printing the book, however, no one noticed any difference.